All Terre de Mars cosmetic products are ECOCERT Greenlife certified according to the COSMOS standard, COSMEBIO certified, CRUELTY FREE and VEGAN certified by PETA and manufactured in France.


cosmos natural & organic

All our cosmetic products are certified by ECOCERT, the first independent certification organism that created a reference system for “Ecological and Organic Cosmetics” worldwide.

To be certified, each products has to comply with a very strict set of rules :

  • The use of ingredients from renewable resources and processed by environmentally friendly processes.
  • The absence of GMOs, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone, PEG, perfumes and synthetic dyes, ingredients from animals.
  • Biodegradable or recyclable packaging.
  • A minimum of 95% of ingredients from natural origin.


cosmos natural & organic

We are also committed to a different cosmetic, with COSMEBIO. A cosmetic product labeled COSMEBIO is a cosmetic that respects :

• Human life: ingredients from petrochemicals have been replaced by ingredients from natural origin, promoting Organic farming.

• Nature: a natural cosmetic is manufactured using gentle and non-polluting manufacturing processes that requires a reflection on the environmental impact of the packaging.

• Pleasure: pleasant textures, formulas with innovative actives, refined perfumes.

COSMEBIO is a founding member of COSMOS, an active participant in the European Commission, and the first worldwide association dedicated to organic cosmetics.



cruelty free & vegan

TERRE DE MARS is also a certified Vegan and Cruelty Free member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in its Beauty Without Bunnies !

PETA is an international organization based in the United States dedicated to the protection of all animals rights.

By contributing to PETA program, we wanted to save animals that are poisoned, blinded and subjected to excruciating pain in some countries during archaic tests for cosmetic or other products.

Although Europe has now formally banned such experiences, we wanted to contribute to this cause on a more global scale. We therefore strongly commit ourselves not to conduct directly or indirectly experiments on animals, by requiring from each of our subcontractors a certificate in this direction.

Also, none of our products contain any skin, fur, meat, honey, animal wax, silk, or other animal products including cetyl alcohol, animal glycerin, lecithin, mono and diglycerides.



in France

We believe that France has unique talents, and we decided to rely on French expertise in the fields of cosmetics, science and regulation security to develop our products.

In order to promote the local economy, we try to concentrate our network in the territory of Bretagne. Our manufacturing center and our storage facility are located in this region, which allows us to rely on close relationships.

Our products are manufactured in small batches, and under the control of national scientific and regulatory experts.We have conducted studies to minimize our carbon footprint, promote local expertise, and strengthen the image of Made in France nationally and internationally.