by terre de mars


All ou products are exempt from harmful, artificial preservatives and ingredients genetically modified (GMOs) .


​Natural ingredients selected for their benefits and their biocompatibility with the skin.


We use ingredients that work in synergy with the skin, in harmony with nature and our environment.


Our innovative skincare line is the first to be made entirely of coffee products.



Ground coffee is a powerful natural exfoliating ingredient. It removes dead cells and impurities, leaving skin softer, glowing and hydrated. Caffeine has many benefits for our skin. It is a considerable source of antioxidants, which protect the body from damage caused by free radicals preventing the formation of premature wrinkles. In contact with the epidermis, it reactivates blood circulation and promotes the breakdown of accumulations of fatty tissue, thus fighting against orange peel and cellulite.

Known for its stimulating and energizing properties, caffeine is also an essential slimming and anti-cellulite active ingredient due to its lipolytic properties. It can also be used for anti-puffiness and anti-fatigue care for the eye area or refining for the oval of the face.

The green coffee extract rich in cafestol and kahweol reduces the entry of lipids into adipocytes (lipogenesis), depriving the cell of its source of supply. It slows down the formation of adipose tissue. Through a targeted action of the regulation of lipoprotein receptors which release fatty acids, the storage of lipids is counteracted.

Ultra light, the powder of bamboo stems relieves the most delicate skin. This wonderful natural exfoliant gently cleanses the epidermis while getting rid of impurities and dead cells.

Recognized for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, turmeric heals skin wounds, reduces swelling and fights against free radicals responsible for premature skin aging. By helping to improve the elasticity of the skin, turmeric can decrease the appearance of acne and scars. Finally, it reduces skin pigmentation by naturally leveling the skin tone.

By eliminating cellular debris and calluses, the brown sugar grains activate the renewal of the epidermis and soften the skin texture, providing a feeling of pleasure and comfort.

* From organic farming

This vegetable exfoliant directly obtained from the crushing of the shell is very effective in cleaning the skin in depth while smoothing it. Thanks to the shape of the smooth and round grains, the exfoliation is done gently without any risk of irritation while being very effective.

Known for its protective, softening and emollient properties on the skin, this oil is also used to give shine and vigor to the hair.
* Ingredient from organic farming

Lemon powder unclogs the pores of the skin with a deep cleansing of the epidermis. The skin is freed from impurities and dead cells are eliminated. Lemon powder smoothes the skin while illuminating the complexion. It regenerates and rehydrates the epidermis and promotes microcirculation.

Roman Chamomile has been used for centuries for its many virtues. Regarding its cosmetic use, chamomile hydrosol is suitable for all skin types, in particular normal, sensitive and dry skin. A true beauty ally, it regenerates, soothes, purifies and rebalances the epidermis.

*From organic farming

Active restructuring and anti-aging par excellence, evening primrose vegetable oil fights against the signs of skin aging and restores the suppleness of the epidermis. It also has softening and revitalizing properties.


* Ingredient from organic farming

Extracted from olive oil, vegetal Squalane is an oily active ingredient with a silky, non-greasy feel. Squalane helps restore the lipid barrier and protects the skin and hair from dehydration.

Aloe Vera has been used for over 5,000 years in the practice of dermatology and herbal medicine. Its biogenic stimulation properties regenerate the tissues of the dermis. It multiplies the production of fibroblasts that create human collagen. Aloe Vera also has tremendous moisturizing and soothing properties.

*ingredient from organic farming

Used for millennia, especially by the Egyptians, for its virtues on the skin, castor oil is very rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. The seeds, cold pressed, give a fatty and viscous liquid, known for its nourishing and purifying properties. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
*Ingredient from organic farming

It is rich in oleic acid (omega 6) with soothing properties. This fatty acid is essential for its structural role within cell membranes, it helps regulate sebum production and is therefore highly recommended for acne-prone skin. It hydrates, softens and softens the skin while giving it a boost. Finally, thanks to its tocopherol content, argan oil is ideal for combating dryness and cell aging.

* Ingredient from organic farming

Obtained from sunflower seeds, this oil with moisturizing properties contains essential and unsaturated fatty acids. Strong in vitamins A and E, sunflower oil increases cell regeneration while softening the skin. It is particularly recommended for dry or damaged skin.

Recognized for its restorative, moisturizing, softening and softening properties, it is particularly rich in oleic acid. It contains natural antioxidants (vitamins A and E), phytosterols and latex.

* Ingredient from organic farming

It is particularly rich in fatty acids, including omega 6 (linoleic acid) and 9 (oleic acid), contains vitamins A and E, phytosterols, and trace elements. Softening, emollient and fortifying, it moisturizes and protects the skin, while restoring its radiance and vigor. Soothing and nourishing, it relieves irritation and itching, repairs dry skin and prevents stretch marks. By increasing the elasticity of the skin, sweet almond oil increases cell regeneration which makes it a great natural anti-wrinkle.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

* From organic farming

Regulating and softening, this oil is an ingredient appreciated for its penetrating touch which does not leave a greasy film. It protects the skin from dehydration.

* Ingredient from organic farming

A true concentrate of carotenoids, this oil is the ideal ingredient to prepare and prolong a tan. Its richness in antioxidants is an asset in the fight against damage linked to free radicals. Very emollient and moisturizing, it has a golden color that will illuminate your complexion.

* Ingredient from organic farming

This hydrosol has toning, revitalizing and soothing properties for the skin and it is particularly suitable for the care of dry skin.


* Ingredient from organic farming

This hydrolat is traditionally known to soothe and revitalize tired or delicate eyes. It is also known to tone the skin.

* Ingredient from organic farming

Soybean oil has a strong cell regenerating power, regulates keratinization and is ideal for dry skin. This oil is very rich and moisturizing, it quickly penetrates the skin and does not leave a greasy feeling.

This algae rich in glycosaminoglicanes has antiviral and protective properties for healthy cells.

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